A more conceptual take on documentary 
communicating style with time, colour, 
ambient and artificial light
isolating subjects from their context by highlighting
certain of their sculptural and plastic aspects
and recreate the photographic image 
or narratives around the image
Using the medium to operate on scenery
split a perceived chosen moment and it's recording
to evoke moods and convey a subjective emotional response
to the natural world, putting the emphasis 
more on perception itself rather
then the documentation of specified subject matter.
Opening doors to slightly altered spaces
A banal surrounding transcended by angst for an instance.
Anxiety tainted alienating landscapes 
from the choices that come with tomorrows freedom.
The spectator can make associations,
reference, project and reflect to form 
narrations and deductions of their own
just be or wander free from dread, distant, 
dissociative states to mesmerizing moments
of clarity and pure photographic truth.
Ephemeral signs the time, a dissonant undertone 
unnoticed moves through the usual calmness of the dance of the day
attracted by forms of ordered rational chaos 
and persuasive disorients borderline order 
in the face of an apparently meaningless absurd world.


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