A research with individuals working in the field through a series of ‘artist talks’,

an odyssey of subjects, questions, materials, 
things that do or don't matter
in this fast complex evolving landscape of today.

How different personalities deal with new objects, adapt, personal views,

on what art is, how it can be perceived and what it could be.

Their approach on their role as an artist today, 
how they contemplate their work,
as well as a person in this modern society, 
slowly shaping this time and place,
working today on the works of tomorrow.

I portrait each individual, following a very strict set of rules.

Though the portraits are still a collective construct made within a photographic blueprint that is set.

An experiment of what can be achieved inside these stringent barriers.

What freedom of movement will be applied each time, reshape the set.

As a tidal wave breaks uncontrolled, in a cool breeze ignoring the abyss,

orchestrating from past chaos tamed so I can work with it, new movements direct, 
peculiar balanced worlds woven, 
forms, records, numbers, a dark relic, 
spaces, new colors and writing vision unmatched.


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