sirens in the rain
visions in mist
moments in glower
with a mystery next door
the usual calmness of the dance of the day
riddles begin bewitching the thriller
tactical interventions techniques in finesse
inception into steering perception
time split the moment
one injection of the number set correct
opens a nouveau neighborhood oddity
from the dark
trails of dissonance
a new set of eyes starts to watch
closing the door, leaving home
the undertone unnoticed
and so It goes

Presented as an engrossing immersive experience,
returning the viewer to where life ends and began.
As a surgeon operating on piece of scenery
using the medium to reshape reality
an incision that splits a carefull chosen moment.
Making Slight alterations from what is perceived and what is registered.
Using colour, ambient and artificial light
to evoke moods rather than specified subject mater.
Putting the emphasis more on something as subjective as perception itself,
ever-changing with limitless room for research and ways to approach.
An avenue with doors wide open, indoor an open scope galore.
A space created where the spectator can make associations.
Travel free between mesmerizing connections made
to more distant, dissonant or dissociating states.
Using portals with intertwining memories,
make narrations, deductions of their own.


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