An island green fall in between

glass asphalt and concrete jungle

bright red yellow leaves

feel expired fall apart and crumble

A serie of encounters with a varieté of trees living the city of Ghent.
Shot between 10 am and 4 pm. using a 35mm film camera from September 21 untill December 21. 

An abstract becomes concrete. Among the concrete of dense populated area's greenery grows.
Through the use of selected framing, by isolating flora from man-made materials in one image
the idea of free flourishing plants becomes believable reality. Within these frames now lives the non-concrete.
Belgiums beloved and most expected weather, the infamous shades of grey,
functions as the backdrop that accentuates an unseen lush of plant growth.
Though only an aftertought in city life ...
Another layer adding to the construct of result are the traces left, the irragularity's from imperfect development
the emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide crystals
especcialy when left uncorrected adding a small spark of surprise.
Less likely to be encountered using a digital way to registrate,
that is easy to correct, set the perfect kelvin and won't be subjected to
chemical methods of development. Close to captering perfect left with the fact
that the acquisition sensors do not match how the human eye will register
the same ambient viewing conditions at the same moment. 


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